The Tempter's Story

Party professionals from DJs, to artists, and hospitality veterans understood the need for a healthy alternative with full flavors, low calories, and limitless enjoyment in a can. Night after night of drinking alcohol took a toll on their health and well-being. Out of this void, Tempter’s was born!

A mysterious and alluring elixir that gives a new look to cannabis seltzers. Be Tempted, be satisfied, and join the movement to lose the booze.

The Hangover is Over.


🌱 The Tempter's Plant - Cannabis is a multifaceted plant, celebrated for its seeds, stalks, and flowers, each offering unique applications from nutrition to therapeutic benefits. Tempter's leverages this versatility, infusing the essence of cannabis into our seltzers, presenting a refreshing and sophisticated way to enjoy its benefits.

🥤 Essence of Tempter's Seltzers - Female cannabis plants produce buds rich in cannabinoids like THC and CBD, celebrated for their therapeutic properties. In Tempter's seltzers, we encapsulate this essence, blending aromatic oils and cannabinoids to create a beverage experience that's both enjoyable and beneficial.

💚 Cannabis as Wellness - Historical records underscore cannabis's role in wellness for thousands of years. Tempter's continues this legacy, offering seltzers infused with cannabinoids that promote well-being, addressing issues like pain and anxiety, without the unpredictability of traditional consumption methods.

🧪 Strain Selection in Tempter's Craft - Reflecting the diverse strains of cannabis, each with unique effects, Tempter's offers a range of seltzers inspired by these variations. Whether you're in search of the uplifting vibes of Sativa or the calming embrace of Indica, Tempter's seltzers provide a tailored experience for every mood and moment.

🚀 The Tempter's Experience - Cannabis interacts uniquely with each person, and Tempter's embraces this diversity. Our seltzers are crafted for both the curious beginners and seasoned connoisseurs, encouraging a journey of flavor, effect, and discovery. Start with our meticulously crafted selections, each offering a new way to understand and enjoy cannabis.

🥂 Modes of Tempter's Enjoyment - Tempter's reimagines the cannabis experience, offering seltzers that are flavorful and precise in their cannabinoid content. This innovative approach allows for a sociable, enjoyable, and responsible way to experience cannabis, perfect for any occasion.

🍬 Experiencing Tempter's Edibles - Like edibles, the onset of effects from our seltzers is designed to be predictable and enjoyable, ensuring a smooth journey from the first sip. The key is to start modestly, allowing the natural ingredients and premium cannabinoids to guide you to your desired state of relaxation and joy.

⚠️ Navigating Over-Consumption Although Tempter's seltzers are crafted for safety and enjoyment, mindfulness is paramount. Our approach ensures that overconsumption is unlikely, providing a reliable and delightful experience that stands apart from traditional methods, allowing you to responsibly savor every moment.Embark on an elevated journey with Tempter's into the world of cannabis-infused seltzers. Discover our blend of tradition, innovation, and wellness that defines our brand, and elevate your experience with every sip.


Yes! Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants. We source our ingredients from hemp, which is generally more concentrated with CBD than THC.

Delta 9 THC is the naturally occurring compound in cannabis which causes the "high" or "buzz" as we call it. CBD, was more recently discovered for its wellness benefits, including relaxation. THC + CBD= Mellow high.

Build your buzz, control your high, and have one hell of a night! Unlike edibles, drinks hit quicker but also last longer than smoking. Not a bad idea!

The three most common strains in cannabis are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Our sativa spritz provides an uplifting high while our indica blueberry give you all the calm you need in a can. Our hybrid is just the perfect blend of both to give a chill vibe.

Find your sweet spot. Tempter's drinks and gummies have 10mg THC and 20 to 25mg of CBD. We recommend 1 to 2 servings to start and go from there. 

Tempter's products source all of its cannabis derived ingredients from hemp plants which have been federally legalized since 2018.

Because we are a federally legal product, you may purchase Tempter's online and get it delivered to your doorstep. We also sell in a wide range of stores across the country. If your local store doesn't carry it, have them contact us to get started.